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Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour Essay Example

Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour Essay TDA 2. 9 Support children and young peoples positive behaviour 1. 1. In our nursery we have a behaviour policy on promoting positive behaviour; it has the guidelines/code of conduct we use to promote positive behaviour. The aims of the behaviour policy is to create a consistent environment that expects, encourages and recognises good behaviour and one in which everyone feels happy and safe. The behaviour policy is the main policy on promoting positive behaviour in the nursery and we should all be aware of the policies as part of our ongoing professional development so that we can manage children’s behaviour in a consistent way. The policy sets the boundaries of behaviour expected from the children and also the behaviour expected from staff. It sets out how we should reward the children and sanction them e. g. my nursery rewards potty training with stickers and other good behaviour with verbal praise, if a child is behaving inappropriately then we explain to them firmly that the behaviour is not acceptable and we suggest the correct behaviour that they should be displaying and if the behaviour carries on then we put them in thinking time or take them away from an activity. We encourage the children to resolve conflicts by sharing or negotiating with each other. It also has the anti-bullying policy in it and how we should handle situations and explains what inappropriate behaviour is. I think that the benefit of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour through praising is that the children learn good behaviour from bad behaviour and I tend to see more of the same positive behaviour reoccurring when I reward it. When children know that there are boundaries set it makes them feel secure and helps provide children with a safe and secure environment, thereby promoting good mental health. We will write a custom essay sample on Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The nursery has golden rules * Show respect for others, considering their rights to use equipment, to have space to play without the threat of being hurt or upset * Sit quietly for story and meal times * Move around the nursery with regards to the safety of themselves and others * Use toys safely and appropriately * Listen to instructions and comply with requests made by the nursery workers These rules are taught by * Praising and rewarding positive behaviour * Encouraging sharing and negotiations * Adults modelling positive behaviour Helping the children to understand the effects of their behaviour on others * Teaching routines for certain activities such as meal times, circle times, tidying up, going out, sharing toys etc * Promoting children to follow rules and gradually reducing prompts * Helping to equip children to challenge bullying, harassment and name calling * Using stories and songs to teach the children the value of positive behaviour * Evaluating the nursery’s pro visions to see if it may have any effect on children’s behaviour * Teaching children and consulting with them about the rules * Ensuring that children know and understand that they are always valued as individuals even if their behaviour may sometimes be unacceptable 1. It is important that all staff consistently and fairly apply boundaries and rules for dealing with behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures in the setting to ensure that the children have a sense of security and learn right from wrong and that inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the same way all the time by all of the staff. Children test boundaries have not changed with other staff and will get confused and not know what is expected of them if we are not consistent in our approach with all children. if I ignore a situation like a child hitting another child in my class then he will think that its ok and do it to another child and other children may copy the behaviour and think that i ts ok to misbehave while they are in my care and it will undermine my position if I’m not consistent in my approach to behavioural issues. When we go out of the nursery for a walk we have to hold the children’s hands while in the street and there are certain children that try not to, I’m not sure if it is to see if I react differently or if they just want to test me but I always stop and explain that they cant go for a walk if they don’t hold my hand at all times and I act just as I have seen other staff act in the same situation, if I didn’t act consistent like the other staff then I would be putting the child in danger in this situation because they might keep letting go and then run into the road. Children learn the correct behaviour through the use of boundaries. We must all model positive behaviour in order to be good role models and set standards for the children and ensure they know and follow the behaviour policies.

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Masculinity in Rap and Hip Hop free essay sample

Hop every rapper has to portray themselves as being hard, having a lot of girls In their circle and having money. Since the beginning of the American society being considered a real man was to be able to protect their families. When television came around western films portrayed men as either strong or weak and defined their masculinity as being the stronger man because of their guns.For example in a western movie during a draw two men would be about twenty feet away room each other and whichever man shot the other man first won the draw and was then considered the dominant male and very masculine. Therefore what goes on in rap songs about the talk of gun play and who is more masculine between rappers is nothing new in American society. All of the violent lyrics In rap songs could have stemmed from the effects of the crack era. We will write a custom essay sample on Masculinity in Rap and Hip Hop or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page During that time a lot of gang activity arose therefore whoever was the hardest or had more power was looked at as more masculine. Gangs rap also Influenced hardcore lyrics to the extent that majority of todays rap lyrics contain talk bout guns, plumping, violence and homophobia. Being a homosexual is not acceptable in rap, especially for a male. Today in society, for females there is a lot of homosexuality occurring.Many believe its a fad and I believe mainstream media has a lot to do with it because you have artists such as Nick Mina] and Greenshank who claim to be bisexual and homosexual. Viewers who listen to them want to hop onto the band wagon to be like them and they think its cool. Even artists who are not within the Hip Hop genre are claiming to be bisexual such as Lady Gaga. Mainstream uses the sexuality people to sell records, obviously.In rap lyrics homosexuality is used as a threat to question another males masculinity. A rapper may use derogatory terms such as fagged or you must be a Even All Wayne popularized the phrase NO HOMO, and uses It In many of his songs. Frazzling another mans manhood Is the objective In most rap lyrics, simply to boost their own ego and masculinity. The person who has to bring someone else down by criticizing their upbringing and manliness only shows that they are insecure about theirs and become a bully.The lyrics that are in rap songs are not only listened to by African Americans but by many other cultures, cultures who know nothing about them. Different cultures listen to rap music to get to know a culture and all the violence and explicit lyrics within rap creates stereotypes. To other cultures they see African Americans as violent pimps, which is not the case at all. Not to mention African American women In rap videos, even the men In the same culture consider them to be not sisters.During the documentary a scene was shot at BETs Spring Blind and a young male pointed out that women are determined to be or women by the way they dress. Sexism is an issue that to society is not seen as important compared to the not more because one in four African American women is raped after the age eighteen. Most women who are called a b**** or another demeaning name think that it wasnt referred to them, and either way is still unacceptable. Hip Hop is not being represented by men, which is why the decision of their lyrics is said the way that they are.

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Oral Report Tips for Speaking to Your Class

Oral Report Tips for Speaking to Your Class Does the thought of giving an oral report make you queasy? If so, youre not alone. People of all ages and occupations- even those with public speaking experience- feel the same way. The good news is that there are many things you can do to prepare and feel calmer during your talk. Just follow the tips below to gear up for a super performance. Tips for Presenting As with many things in life, delivering an oral report will be much easier if you take time to prepare for it. Preparation will give you confidence and help you focus on what matters when youre finally in the spotlight. Write your report to be heard, not read. There is a difference between words that are meant to be heard in your head and words that are meant to be heard out loud. Youll see this once you begin to practice what youve written, as some sentences will sound choppy or too formal.Practice your report out loud. This is very important. There will be some phrases that you will stumble over, even though they look simple. Read out loud when you practice and make changes to any phrases that stop your flow.On the morning of your report, eat something but dont drink soda. Carbonated beverages will give you dry mouth, and caffeine will affect your nerves and make you jittery. Stick to water or juice instead.Dress appropriately, and in layers. You never know whether the room will be hot or cold. Either could give you the shakes, so prepare for both.Once you stand up, take a moment to gather your thoughts or relax. Dont be afraid to give yourself a silent pause before you begin. Look through your pa per for a moment. If your heart is beating hard, this will give it an opportunity to calm down. If you do this right, it actually looks very professional, too. If you start to speak and your voice is shaky, take a pause. Clear your throat. Take a few relaxing breaths and start again.Focus on someone at the back of the room. This has a calming effect on some speakers. It may feel weird, but it doesnt look weird.Take the stage. Pretend youre a professional on TV. This gives confidence.Prepare an I dont know answer if people will be asking questions. Dont be afraid to say you dont know. You can say something like, That is a great question. Ill look into that.Have a good ending line. Avoid an awkward moment at the end by preparing a strong conclusion. Dont back away, mumbling Well, I guess thats all. Other Advice More generally, you can prepare for an oral report by deeply researching your topic and practicing your speech before a mirror or video camera. Know your topic well. If you feel confident about your knowledge, you will feel confident when it comes time to share that knowledge with others.If possible, make a practice video and watch yourself to see how you sound. Pay attention to your posture and tone of voice. If you have any nervous tics- such as saying um or ah- try to reduce them as much as you can.Dont pick the day of your report to experiment with a new style. It may give you an extra reason to feel nervous in front of a crowd.Walk up to your speaking location early to give your nerves time to calm down.

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A Demographic Analysis of Mexico Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A Demographic Analysis of Mexico - Assignment Example According to any basic health model, the statistics on Mexico show a shift of lifestyle to a more urbane, aesthetic way of living that is characterized by lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Conversely, this comes with a reduction in conditions such as underweight and wasting as well as stunted growth. A reduction in hunger index from 5.99 in 1999 to 5.10 in 2003 is also noted. These can be attributed to an aggregate improvement in health care and sanitation supported by gains in food security occasioned by an augmented economy. TB prevalence in Mexico can be said to be effectively managed compared to other countries. The cases of infection cited by the World Health Organization in 2009 pale in comparison to most States that have a higher infection index according to data from UNHDR. Again, this can be pegged on improved healthcare. Despite men and women accessing education at a proportionate footing of 51% to 49%, the frequency of women dropping out along the way is decidedly higher in rural areas. A possible explanation lies in the vicious cycle of poverty that sucks in more women whose duties and obligations are largely domestic. These statistics show an indication that the environment in Mexico has reduced disparities of income and social status because of the positive parameters of growth, with an average income of 13500$, the level of poverty has dived from 50% with a fifth of the population reeling in extreme poverty.

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Economics for Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Economics for Business - Essay Example (Monaghan, 2014) UK’s car market is the second largest market in Europe after Germany and therefore has a critical significance in terms of its contribution to the market. The market is however, dominated by the few but very large players in the industry. 2013 figures suggest that Ford emerged as one of the leading players in the market followed by Vauxhall and BMW. These brands are considered as the hottest selling brands with Ford Fiestas as the leading vehicle in the country purchased during 2013. Since the market is rebounding from its earlier levels, there are signs of price wars in the industry as one of the largest suppliers in the market i.e. Ford has started a fierce competition with the existing players in the market. It is also because of this reason that Ford Fiesta has registered highest number of growth in terms of units sold during 2013. Ford has been specifically offering deep discounts to the dealers on selling certain number of cars of its brands during the month. It suggests that Ford has been capitalizing on the growing opportunities and leveraging the same through the stronger incentives to the dealers. Other players such as Daewoo and Hyundai are also believed to be working towards matching such offers at EU wide level thus initiating price wars at the regional level. (News.bbc.co.uk, 2014) A closer analysis of the market would suggest that the market is being dominated by few but relative larger players in the market. UK Car market is dominated by both the local as well as international players. Local firms such as Vauxhall are also considered as the major players with firms like Ford, Nisan as well as Daewoo and Hyundai are also continuing to dominate the market. What is however, critical to note that none of these firms are actually the price makers as the overall demand depends upon certain other related factors such as availability of cheaper consumer credit and overall economic

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Hybrid Cars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hybrid Cars - Essay Example These hybrid cars can prove to be useful in many different ways which include the environmental factors along with the factors of scarce resources. Hybrid cars have features which help reduce pollution from the environment and are also economically feasible as compared to the conventional cars. With the increase in the prices of fuel as well as the reduction in the amount of natural resources, the popularity of these hybrid cars is increasing every day. As compared to traditional cars there are two main advantages of hybrid cars. One is that it emits less carbon dioxide which makes it an environmental friendly car. The second advantage is that it has higher fuel efficiency that can help people save sufficient amount of money and thus it can be counted as an economic advantage of these cars. In present times when world’s economy is in crucial state, every dollar matters and this has become the most important benefit of these vehicles (Hantula 2009). Some of the other benefits o f these cars are their smart styling, their well equipped interiors and their up to date safety features. In the long run hybrid cars are more of a practical choice to opt for because of low fuel cost and low emissions. Hybrid cars are more competent because of their light weight due to the usage of light weight materials in its structure. Hybrid cars capture, accumulate and recycle the kinetic energy that is produced from the car’s brakes (Congress House 2010). Hybrid cars have the ability to save energy in a very efficient way. They can switch their power on and off according to the usage of the car. If the car is standing in an area full of traffic, the car automatically turns off its power and saves energy. When the accelerator is pressed the engine automatically starts again and thus this saves energy. These cars can be said to be energy efficient considering these factors. These cars also have batteries which have a long life. The tires which are used in these cars have low resistance which reduces energy loss. All this helps this car to accelerate and drive up on higher plains easily. In this way these cars can achieve greater speed which decreases the fuel consumption and also less energy is wasted. There are also certain disadvantages attached to hybrid cars. The major drawback of hybrid vehicles is that they are still quite expensive. This is because of the fact that its production costs are very high due to using uncommon equipment for example dysprosium which is used in the manufacturing of highly developed electric motors and many more. The maintenance of hybrid cars can be very expensive as well. As for now these cars are not that common so it is difficult to find garages which have necessary materials to service them. Hence taking them to the producer can be very expensive. Even though these cars are gradually gaining popularity but there are still factors that make traditional cars more feasible as compared to them. Hence, because of the se reasons hybrid cars cannot fully compete with gasoline powered cars. When the cost of production of these vehicles would be lowered as compared to other cars the production would also rise. Once the supply rises the price would go down and the demand would rise. The exact time of this happening cannot be told but when this happens new mode of researches to

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Relationships In The Novel The Road

Relationships In The Novel The Road The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a fantasy which revolves around two characters, a father and a son. I am doing a character sketch on the man and the boy because I find them to have the most fascinating personalities. The book narrates a father and son journeying through what happens to be North America, to the warmer South America. They have no money, few clothes, and barely any food. They stop at every village and town too scavenge and search for food. This is represented when the man and the boy find an underground bunker in a village full of useful essentials. The author lays emphasis on the theme of survival, and the significance it has on the man and the boy. The father appears to be very smart with a good eye for danger. He is quite skillful with weapons this is portrayed when he fond an underground bunker, he had found bullets but for the wrong gun so he whittled fake bullets from a treebranch with his knife. He also understands how to use his surrounding accurately, this is shown when in the end of the novel the man has an encounter with some villagers and has to think fast. On the other hand, the boy seems somewhat illiterate about the outside world, he knows nothing about firearms and all he knows is what his father has taught him during the years. The boy is also very scared in the novel, when it comes to looking in the towns or cities for food. The novel shows the progression of father and sons relationship, you see it growing bigger and stronger. Knowing that the boy does not have a mother anymore the father tries as much as he can to compensate for that. For example the boy and the man find a locked door in the ground while out s earching in a village. The man is tired and was resting between each shovelful while trying to uncover the bunker. However a few weeks before they had found a door and inside were they found other people whose limbs worn torn off and a boy on a splint on top of a fire being roasted for food. The man, no matter how scared the boy was, opens the door and finds a safe house full of food, water, gasoline, and other useful things. This tells that whatever the boy says to his father he will not listen however important it is, but only to save their lives. Therefore we learn that he is a father who would do anything for their son, and that he is the stereotypical Dad. He is the protector, provider and preserver for his son. This is shown in many instances as the father put the boy in the bunk and smoothed his filthy hair on the pillow and covered him with blankets. During the course of the novel, you see the boy become an independent man. He has got more confidence and has much more awareness around him. He understands that what his father does is only for him, and he loves no-one more. His mother died some time before this New World came to life. The man has raised the boy all by himself. He tries to teach him everything there is to know. The boy has also missed out on many luxuries that the man finds in one instance. The father finds Coca Cola and he asks the boy to try it and the boy responds by saying What is it, Papa? He also teaches him his alphabet. You get to know this from reading the end of the book, where he asks him Can you write the alphabet?, and he the boy responds by saying I can write it. We also learn that the boy wants to help other people that have lost their way, need help, or food. For they meet a man who cannot see well. The boy then insists on spending the night with this man and giving him some food and some warmth for the night. This shows us that even though the boy is very scared he is also very caring and wants to help other people that come across their path. He doesnt mind giving up his own food or his own clothing he just wants to help people around him. The boy shows a lot of compassion and a sense of social responsibility; you can see that the boy has a warm character and a soft heart towards everyone. However the father is not like a mirror image of the son, he trusts no-one. He believes in one for ones self, and has experienced a lot of suffering. The father has also lost a lot of loved ones and is emotional scarred and he thinks that the only way to stop this is to cut out all other people in his life. At the end of the novel, the father dies because he loses too much blood from an arrow wound, when the man was trying to protect the boy when they were at a town, trying to get some food. However, some village folk started to shoot at them thinking that they are carnivores. The boy waits by his side for 3 days, waiting for someone to come and help him. At the end a man, his wife and children were walking pass and decide to take him with them. He sees that the boy has supplies that they need and offer to help. The boy doesnt leave without covering his dad with a blanket, and saying his last goodbyes. The novel is written in sparse but moving prose. Cormac McCarthy uses simplifed formatting for his novel. There are no speech marks throughout the story. To provide us the adrelinin rush and to create tension throughout the novel McCarthy uses short sentences. The style that he writes in highlights the bond between the father and the son. I think that the boy is a symbol for hope, courage, and commitment. I felt a sense of pride in the ability of men to look after children even in difficult times. The novel inspires me to understand what families go through when they fight for survival.